Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Georgian Choir in NYC: Supruli

Well, there's plenty of news since last March... I've led Georgian singing workshops in Vermont, Montreal, Toronto, and I have a monthly workshop in NYC now. I also led a second "songmasters" tour to Georgia last summer; we worked with Karlo Urushadze and Tristan Sikharulidze (Guria), and Andro Simashvili (Kakheti), and our singers performed in the ArtGeni festival in Tbilisi. It was an excellent experience, and we left Georgia just days before the bombs started dropping... Things are not well in Georgia. But we'll keep praying that things improve. I also had some concert performances with Trio Kavkasia at Swarthmore College (PA), and with the Toronto Consort in Toronto. 2008 ended without any particular fanfare for me, but 2009 has begun with a bang. I've been invited to do a solo art show at a gallery in Maine! I'm very excited & am working hard on new things for the show. I've also just begun directing the NYC Georgian choir, which I've named Supruli. I'll be leading a Village Harmony teen camp in June, and hopefully returning to Georgia again for a third songmasters tour in July. We'll see! Lots more to write - I'll try to do post again soon!